So we have a final, preliminary schedule. You can find the link on the left hand side under the calender. Let me know asap about any problems, conflicts or any other thoughts regarding it, all input is appreciated. We will keep you posted as it is updated 

So our first class is right around the corner, it  is this SATURDAY Nov 1st, and starts at 9AM and is FREE! This class is specifically designed for those beginning CrossFit. Absolutely no experience is necessary, we can and will accommodate any and all types, ages, fitness levels etc. We ask that you show up about 20 minutes early to fill out the waivers and allow us to get to know you a little. The class will be approximately 1 hr in length, please bring your own water, towel etc.

Currently we are accepting cash, check and money order for memberships. We will have a paypal account shortly.

Catch ya on the flip side…