In keeping with CrossFit Fury’s commitment to strengthen the community, we offer something for everyone. Scroll below for details about our adult, specialty (ex. Yoga), corporate and youth programs. Childcare is available during most classes for a small additional fee – see the childcare page for details. Join us for a FREE Saturday Class! Visitors may also come with a member during the week to try out their first class free.

Fury offers several payment options – see programs below for details. Enrolling in the monthly auto debit is the preferred method of payment – a 30 day notice of cancellation or freeze is required to stop auto-payment – there are no refunds. You can also purchase 10-class punch cards or choose to pay per visit. Additionally, we offer Paid-in-Full memberships  for 6 and 12 months, available all year,  allowing you to save up to $120! CrossFit Affiliates are always welcome here at Fury! Drop in rates are $15/day or drop in and choose a t-shirt for $25. Week passes are available for $50.

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Adult Programs

Our general CrossFit memberships are separated into three categories based on an individual’s experience and ability in the program. There are never any contracts and we encourage you to try a class before you decide.


  • The Basics program is our entry level program designed to implement general conditioning and basic strength and bodyweight training. Proper movement and mechanics are our focus while increasing your overall conditioning. These 1 hour classes meet three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and also our free Saturday class at 9am, as well as two additional 1 hour skill intensive (Crossfit Prep) classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Prep classes solidify bodyweight movements while introducing a Barbell Strength Program. Once the coaches are confident with your proficiency and safety you will progress to the CrossFit Class.
  • New or prospective members, join us for our Free Saturday Class at 9am! Visitors may also come with a member during the week to try out their first class FREE!
  • Monthly Autopay: $135/month
  • Couples: $250/month
  • Families (3+ in Basics or CrossFit): $115 each/month
  • Punch Card: $130/10 sessions
  • Daily: $15


  • Our Masters program slows down our Basics workouts with a much greater emphasis on balance and regaining any lost abilities or confidence. This is a great place to start for individuals with limitations or those who have no prior history with exercising. Anyone can start their fitness path in our masters program.
  • Maintaining health and independence is our priority in this program. The original intention for the program was a senior’s fitness class but it has grown to much more. Classes meet three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Monthly Autopay: $120
  • Monthly Prepay: $130
  • Punch Card: $130/10 sessions
  • Daily: $15

Personal Training

  • Personal training can provide an alternative to starting the Basics program or for individuals seeking help with highly specific goals. This is a great opportunity for an individual or couple to fine tune their workouts and nutrition to exceed their expectations.
  • Whether your goals are to overcome old injuries, become a professional athlete, improve your CrossFit skills, or simply become a healthier, more fit individual, personal training is a great option. You choose the coach and the times. The results will quickly follow.
  • Personal Training can also be combined with any of the standard programs.
  • Daily: $60 per session
  • Punch Card: 10 sessions for $540


Fury offers several specialty classes that are included in the monthly membership including track, weightlifting, stretch, gymnastics, yoga and endurance. Classes are also available without a monthly membership for $15/class or purchase a punch card of 10 for $130. Additionally, monthly Yoga memberships may be purchased for $50 autopay or $60 monthly prepay. Yoga classes are offered at 8am on Tuesdays, 7pm on Wednesdays and 9am on Thursdays.

Corporate Wellness

Team unity, work ethic and safe movement patterns are an essential strategy for a long term healthy workforce. CrossFit Fury builds stronger, safer teams through group exercise focusing on short, efficient training sessions that will boost morale, energy and group cohesion. Our partnership will get your employees moving and learning outside of their comfort zone.

By contributing to your teams’ fitness and overall wellness you will increase morale and productivity as well as decrease health care costsClick here for more information on our Corporate Training Programs or contact CrossFit Fury’s front desk at 623-932-4338 for more information.


DVPedsBrought to you by our friends at Desert Valley Pediatrics!

Crossfit Fury recognizes the importance of developing healthy habits early. The goals we maintain for our younger members is to make fitness fun while teaching foundational skills, movements, goal setting, basic nutrition, teamwork and various real world skills including math, social skills, motivation and focus. In addition to the information listed below, click on the following links for information about Fury’s fantastic Childcare and After School Athletics programs.

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Student Athlete

  • Crossfit Fury’s Student Athlete program offers a CrossFit-based strength and conditioning program for middle and early high school athletes as well as college or clubs in their on or off-season. This program is designed specifically for youth to prepare your child to excel in high school, club and college athletics. Along with building fitness, our Student Athletes also learn valuable information on healthy nutrition in a supportive, disciplined environment. Our Student Athlete Program focuses on respect for each individual, dedication to training and education, and the desire and motivation to give their best effort at all times.
  • The Junior Student Athlete program meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm.
  • Monthly Autopay: $100/month
  • Monthly Prepay: $110/month
  • Punch Card: $130/10 sessions
  • Daily: $15

Team Training

  • Fury additionally offers the option to coach and train individual teams, groups or corporations on a private basis to help them meet their specific goals. We have experience with a variety of sports teams, as well as corporate and local training initiatives. It is our goal to build a stronger community in the heart of the Southwest Valley. Together we can build a fitter, more united work or team environment.
  • Contact the Fury front desk at 623-932-4338 to discuss how Fury’s coaches can help your group meet their goals.

CrossFit Kids

  • “Crossfit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of Crossfit, it is absolutely, entirely, Crossfit geared and designed for a special population and the specific developmental needs of that population. (cognitive, motor, and neurological)”
  • Fury’s Crossfit Kids goal is broad, inclusive fitness wrapped in fun. That means we want to help your kids become healthier, and more fit, while learning to enjoy the sport of fitness. This involves teaching kids to grow up knowing how to move safely, eat healthy, and challenge their limits. We work on skill movements, efficient exercise and an active game in each class. Along with building fitness the student athletes also learn lessons about healthy nutrition, mental strength and self respect. As they work through a variety of challenges and overcome obstacles, the kids learn to appreciate tenacity and understand what they are truly capable of.
  • Fury Owner and Coach Peter Egyed works with children ages 8-12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 8:15am.
  • Monthly Autopay: $100
  • Monthly Prepay: $110
  • Punch Card: $100/10 sessions
  • Daily: $12


  • Fury has worked to develop a program to teach homeschool students the importance of fitness and nutrition, and have fun while doing so. A typical session is 45 minutes long and consists of a group warm-up, foundational movement development (squatting, push press, sit-ups, kettle bell swings, etc.), CrossFit style workout, game, and cool down/stretch. Coach Cole is certified to teach Elementary Education and K-12th grade Special Education in the state of Arizona, and is a CrossFit Level I trainer. If you are interested in getting connected with this group, contact the front desk at 623-932-4338.
  • Wednesdays at 10:00am, ages 4-10
  • Wednesdays at 10:45am, ages 11-17
  • Punch Card: $50/10 sessions
  • Daily: $7