Paleo Nutrition

What is the Paleo Diet?

Paleo is not a diet but a lifestyle. We don’t want you to temporarily starve or limit yourself, but instead educate yourself on how to fuel your body for your goals, performance, and most importantly your longevity.

A proper diet should improve all markers of health including, but not limited to: body composition, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, bone density and inflammation. These changes can and will be accomplished without the use of medications by simply removing the foods from our diet that are not supposed to be there and replacing them with the things that are.

Below is a starting guide for the Paleo diet. Additional research is highly encouraged and every day that passes there is more information available as to its benefits. Progress through the list below at your own rate. The further along the list you make it, the heal healthier you will be. There is no counting, measuring or weighing only an emphasis on the quality of food you eat.

1. Eliminate sugar including sports drinks and fruit juices and all foods that contain flour.

2. Start eating healthy fats. Avocados, nuts and seeds, and healthy animal fats should all be staples of your diet.

3. Base every meal or snack around a quality source of protein, with varying vegetables and seasonal fruit on the side.

4. Eliminate gluten grains. Limit grains like corn and rice, which are nutritionally poor.

5. Eliminate grain and seed derived oils. Cook with butter, Ghee, coconut oil, or animal fats. Use olive oil cold or at room temperature, not heated.

6. Attend your CrossFit class regularly and try new sports and activities.

7. Favor meats such as bison, beef, turkey, and lamb. Eat eggs and wild caught fish. Vary what you eat but try to avoid factory farmed and feedlot animals which are unhealthy and have poor omega.

8. Try varying your eating like we vary our workouts. Don’t graze like an herbivore through the day but instead imagine yourself a hunter gatherer. Eat different foods, vary when you eat and how much you eat. Schedules are nice but change things up occasionally.

9. Post WOD nutrition.

10. Most modern fruit is just a candy bar from a tree. Go easy on apples, bananas, and dried fruit. Stick with berries and other seasonal fruit. Eat in moderation.

11. Eliminate legumes

12. Eliminate all remaining dairy including cheese- (now you are “Orthodox paleolithic”)

If you can do step 1, that is about 50% of the benefit and alone a huge improvement on the standard american diet (SAD) By about step 6 you are at about 75% , by step 9 about 80% and at 10 you are at 99% for most people. These are just estimates, of course.

Paleo Challenge

For a more hands on approach to your nutrition, we offer a four week Paleo Challenge.

Think of this as a hands on approach with a coach focusing on your nutrition, recovery and general lifestyle skills so that you can fully benefit from your training here.

Imagine rising before your alarm each day feeling energized and ready to tackle everything in life, including your WOD. Imagine eating till satiety at every meal, never feeling lethargic after a meal, and having the best body composition of your life. Imagine seeing all markers of health improve. You can make this a reality by taking a paleo approach to the way you eat and sleep.

During this challenge we will provide shopping trips, food lists, extensive discussion regarding food prep and procurement, supplementation and we will also peer into the big business of agriculture and pharmaceuticals. We will also participate in food logging and some in and out of gym exercises to get a little more practice living the paleo lifestyle.

In the end we envision this as a jump start to a lifetime of sound nutrition with life changing and life saving results down the road. The cost is $60 and includes The Paleo Solution book and a CrossFit Fury Paleo T-Shirt. Contact us about the next available challenge.

Here are a few great websites full of Paleo Recipes!

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