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November 8th
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Tooltip TextAs the Games season ends, the school year underway and the local CrossFit competition season not too far off, we have a lot coming up at Fury and we want to make sure you know what’s going on. Below you will find Dates, Events and links to all the...

Coming up this week….

This week at Fury we will be implementing a new training strategy. As a gym we will be taking a forced de-load week. This means we are dialing back the intensity and volume to allow some much needed recovery. Now, don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you wont...

What Are You Running For?

This story was shared with me after we announced our sponsorship of the Teen Challenge Freedom Run and I could not help but pass it along.  Together if we can help just one kid or young adult make the right decisions and save themselves and their families this...

Christmas in July

Today was a bit like Christmas at Fury. We got in a shipment of new plates to replace the collection of broken and damaged plates in the back room. We have 19 new 10kg plates and 7 new 20 kg plates. Hopefully we now have enough plates to make sure that even our...