Between September 24th and December 3rd CrossFit Fury hosted 3 CrossFit styled competitions. From our yearly Furious challenge to various Best of’s, Regionals style, and more, over 500 athletes were put to the test as they compete against athletes of equal caliber who challenged them to put forth their best.

Stay tuned for upcoming events including a Valentine’s Day special and the 2017 Crossfit Open.

Blog Posts:

Re-Elect Mayor Lord

Fury is proud to stand behind our current Goodyear Mayor, Georgia Lord, as she runs for a second term in the city. Elections are March 14th and we encourage all residents to do their civic duty and cast their vote. This is the single more effective way we can help...

Masters 2016

We are incredibly excited to expand our current competition season to include a Master's event in December 2016. Over the past 10 years we have participated and organized many dozens of events, including most of the CrossFit Games, and our expansion into the Master's...