CrossFit Games

After participating in the 2007 and 2008 CrossFit Games I opened CrossFit Fury so that I and other could train more adequately for the Games and that has been our mission since. This was long before the Home Depot Center, ESPN, Reebok and million dollar grand prizes that help make the Games as amazing as they are. With the growth of the Games, our business, facility and training are constantly progressing at a rapid pace.

It all started at the inaugural CrossFit Games in 2007 when Peter and Marcus, who had been CrossFitting for only six months, took the trip to Aromas and in the process started a journey of a lifetime. Leaving the 2007 Games in 10th and 19th place respectively, we were inspired by individuals such as OPT, Josh Everett, Eva T, Annie Sakamoto and many others. For the next year our training reflected that inspiration.

In 2008 the level of athleticism and the Games in general advanced to above and beyond any expectations but Fury, or pre Fury, was also not backing down by any means. After those four workouts, where every second counted, it was obvious that to continue to progress in this emerging sport we needed a true training center. Heavy barbells and short intense workouts were the theme this year. Jason Kahlipa, Caity Matter and Calisita Pappas were the winners and spirit of this year. Then, in October of 2008 CrossFit Fury was opened and we were officially training for the Games!


In 2009 came a qualification process ‘Regionals’ where the country, and world, was broken into 19 different venues where only the top three finishing male and female athletes would move on to the Games. Peter Egyed participated in the Great Basin Region and after three events placed 11th and missed his chance to the Games. Unexpectedly a last chance online qualifier was offered online and in one last shot and Peter took 1st overall!

In 2010, everything changed. The Ranch could no longer sustain the competition and everything moved to the Home Depot Center. Additionally, a second level of qualification was added before regionals, which started as Sectionals and is now known as The Open. During 2010, Fury was grouped in the San Diego/ So Cal region and we represented the entire way. Our competitors Peter, TJ, and Britney qualified for Regionals. Peter took first place overall, Brit placed 13th and TJ finished in the middle of the pack and the Bomb Squad finished 22nd. Heading into the stadium on opening night of the 2010 CrossFit Games for the workout, Amanda, was surreal. The lights, the venue and the fans, gave us all a glimpse as to where the Games are headed. After three days of competition, Peter finished in 10th place overall.

2011 was a year for learning at Fury. What started as Sectionals turned into a worldwide competition held at affiliates around the globe. Now, truly anyone could participate and attempt to qualify for the CrossFit Games. The mission to find the fittest athletes in the world continues to intensify and it all started with Sectional Saturdays at Fury. Competing in six workouts over six (or seven) weeks, over 26,000 people participated to the first round of the CrossFit Games. We used this as an opportunity to further develop our athletes and continue building our community.

Ending The Open Bomb Squad finished in 7th place overall in our region and we sent one individual competitor, Peter and the Bomb Squad with Aimee, Katie Jo, Britney, Will, Alfred and TJ. Competing in the altitudes of Denver CO the Bomb Squad pushed through many challenging workouts and finished the weekend in third place, earning a trip to the 2011 Games! Things did not fare as well for Peter, who after a poor performance in the “Amanda” workout finished the weekend in 5th place.