It often takes me by surprise by the deep, philosophical CrossFit questions that are asked in the gym these days. It makes me realize that many of you are here for much more then getting in shape or hanging out with some of the coolest people in the West Valley. The other day before a pistol workout it was asked whether or not putting your leg behind your body “counts” and that started a discussion on standards and the relative nature of CrossFit.

As always there are some basic guidelines to range of motion and what not but there are always some special “rules” to each event and competition. To put things in perspective, in 2008 at the CrossFit Games our pull-ups were changed from chin over bar to having to make contact with your sternum to the bar aka Chest to Bar pull-ups. This threw many people off their game, but it keeps CrossFit unknown and unknowable. I remember in 2010 hearing an athletes double unders be discredited because he was doing them backwards…

Moral of this story is you never know exactly how things will go down when its game day. Yeah your hips are always gonna have to be below your knee on your squats or elbows locked out on a pushup but you may have to carry something on a 5k run or limit your hand width on your handstand pushups. Make sure you have your strengths, but make sure you are competent when you switch things up…

This weekend most of Fury’s top athletes are headed to Flagstaff for a local competition. This is a great opportunity for you to support us and also see some potentially new standards. We hope to see you there!