The Elementary Kids Represent

The elementary kids have really been showing up in force lately.  On Thursday they learned the thruster and took their best shot at Fran.  All of their times were under 5 minutes.  They were scaled to jumping pullups and 1lb dumbell thrusters, but it was a great first date with a tough WoD.

Learning the thruster before Fran

This morning we had 11 elementary kids!  That is about 5 more than we have ever had before.  It was busy, but the kids had fun working on a Fight Gone Bad style rotation of Wallball, box jumps, pushups, squats and jumping pullups.  We spent a little time talking about diet and introducing them to the idea of Meat, Veggies and healthy fat at each meal.  We decided to go a bit long to make sure we fit in the game.  We always want to make sure the kids get a game in.  Today was a Tire Roll Relay that ended with 10 tire jumps for each team member.

Ready, Set, Roll!

The preschool kids have been a little sparse lately, but they did get a chance to do some wallballs in their version of Little Kelly.

Don't you wish your wallball was a foam dodgeball?