Torque, momentum and fatigue

Most movements/exercises we do attempt to maximize efficiency to create the most work for our efforts. The L-pullup stands in stark contradiction to that statement. By extending the legs at a 90 degree angle from the torso, a large  amount of torque is created on the abdominal’s and hip flexors. Add in the fact that you cannot kip an L-pullup, then tie it all in with some 400’s and hip extensions and you have…

This picture IS worth a thousand words...

This picture IS worth a thousand words...

So here is the plan regarding our “time trials”. We have deliberated, put many hours of thought with years of experience together and have narrowed down to 8 items that we feel improvements in,  directly represent greater work capacity. These are 8 tough items, so instead of skipping a day (or two) of posted workouts, we will spread these out over two cycles. We will be charting our progress over the next months/years, and it all begins Friday.

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Score Board 12-17

Have a good rest day, and see you Friday!